Short Study on the Nature of Things
Film 35 mm
1:1.85, Dolby SR, 10'56''

In the film Short study on the nature of things a female narrator recorded to tape tells stories remembered from her childhood; how she shaped her personal understanding of the world, space and time. The narrative is interwoven with axioms from Heraclitus and accompanies a series of images of instruments of measurement and representation of light and time, and others including the melting of a glacier and the incorrupt body of St Bernadette of Lourdes. The title is a direct reference to Lucretius’s Latin poem De Rerum Natura: on the nature of things.

Voice over: Paula Llavallol
Film editing : Christophe Acker 
Assistant : Anne-Sophie Terillon
Music : Claude-Samuel Levine
Post-Production : Céline de Seynes
Laboratory : Dig Image Cinéma, Le Lab


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